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I am watching past my sill
as clouds evaporate until
they leave only a sky dark blue.
A heavenly tint and hue.

Quiet stays the world I know.
Silenced in the afterglow
of stormy nights and days.
Quite in that special way.

Behooves me not to speak.
I dare not break this streak
of perfection that lays near
where I am watching here.

Lone clouds on the horizon
seek to see where Iíve gone.
They shift in shape and size,
a trait which I soon realize

comments upon my own mood.
How little I have understood
the where and the why-for
of stars that were so shy before.

Claiming, each, a part of space,
they shine upon me with such grace.
Bright spots in heaven, then too soon
hidden from me by the moon.

I watch! It seems I am so small.
A speck down here beneath it all.
A seldom noticed tiny entity.
Yet, I feel Heaven exists just for me.

Quiet is the world around me,
inflicting moods that leave me free.
No matter now how little I
can understand the reason why.

I am, at once, significant.
Then, a begging supplicant.
Within the crucial building plan,
it seems I am. Therefore I am.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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