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Thankful for the blessings

Sometimes it is hard to give my heart away but now I can see it from afore that you are everything i need ,my light can shine aging because you have gave me the feeling that I did not think I could ever have Iím not afraid anymore to feel,I know if we wore meant to be that you would turn my wold upside down not in a bad way but in a good kide way it was hard for me to open up but you help me in so manny ways that I know now withstand it is something from a dram come true for me you are my best friend and I can see it from my heart I will not know how but each day I feel bless to have a friend like you you can help, me cry but for the first time I actually see that I have a friend like you an that no matter what happens that I ask every day that me and you will always stay best friends because I know that you wore my shine in the black sky because I felt alone but now I donít feel alone at all ,so give me the chance to get to know more and I will give you the chance to get to know every thing about me . bule bule

By chickpea

© 2019 chickpea (All rights reserved)


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