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All I Want Is You


No Goddess beautiful her bearing has,
No Goddess caring dares be so earthly
Or knowing more than men around her as
A Goddess is she, yet mildness we see.
Nor puts down men proud of their wit that's slow
Because she is Love, not weak with kindness -
And foolish the man who feels it's not so.
Crush not earth's diamonds and their stars admire,
Waste not pure water, drink your fill, lick lips.
This Goddess out shines diamonds with her fire -
Creates male need that out does long gone ships.
Foolish men wish to make the Goddess yield -
This Poet's not foolish though to more reveal.


The Princess did not look his way yet did,
The Owl watched her sweet hand reach out for him
And the scented air between the two bid
Love overcome the spell preventing them
From a lover's union they so longed for.
The princess glanced his way and gave a smile,
The Owl made sounds that thrilled the night and more.
This he did best and feared his dear owl style
Outshone any prince, broken spell he'd be.
The Princess loved the owl but love plagued her,
Though thrilled to the Owl's love-like poesy
So the Princess reaches, the Owl winks at her.
Laugh not, pity not the Princess nor the Owl -
Such spells allow love in the here and now.


That people laugh warnings when poetry wins
As too fast for hearts, too far fetched, short term
Or short steps overtake, least delight thins,
Love's not filled, greater love's devised, more firm -
The Poet laughs for poetry gladdens his soul.
His life swells, YOU restore the sky and air
Where wept the clouds (echo) her sun's dried them all.
YOU give flowers their sweetest breath, colours rare,
Even weeds smell fresh (echo) weeds re-seed changed.
Yes! flower with smiles like those on YOUR sweet face.
YOUR neck and breasts, fruit for eating arranged
Steal my heart (echo) of hearts leaving there's no trace.
That people laugh warnings when poetry wins
Loved heart, the Poet laughs (echo) their hearts true are twins.


If we were but two goldfish in love's bowl
And fed only by wonders from our sky,
Captives in love to ignore or give all,
Swim eye on eye or always outside sigh
We'd be free to increase love by free will -
I'd blow bubbles like poetry, I would prance;
You would see you moved me tomorrow still.
In simple things you would know there's romance
And as I swim my mind thinks how to please.
No bowl, no water, no food, no light shares
Your rare beauty of mind, of glide's ease
As does my golden heart that loves and cares.
Simple is our love yet a powerful force -
Visible, unseen - beauty's its gold source.


Tongue said 'Eyes and Hands, I want it, don't you?'
For the Poet an invitation received.
Eyes had seen sights that made mountains last view,
Hands had been where explorers never breathed,
Tongue first hand had fainted, step one too sweet.
A booming voice filled the air taking over
'I want it and will share with you my feat
For I have the means, the power, forever
Since the pen can open doors, meet all needs,
Climb mountains, visit valleys, breathe breathless.
I want it and will share with you my deeds.
Rise up, follow me and be a good guest.
Tongue said, Eyes said, Hands said, Poet said, all said
'We want it - madly, badly her sweet bed!'


If all I've seen there was nothing else more,
There's been ample for most men's happiness.
The moon rates high but blue, gold or white's poor
If eyes never saw your limbs move your dress.
The moon half and white, tonight in your eyes
Could be the sole moon seen in skies for me;
In my arms now my mind could forget skies;
With your song in my ears and eyes lips see
I'd trade for the sun's summer, the stars shine,
And then winter with you night after night -
If you'd kiss me tonight and be mine.
Tomorrow would do! next week? next month might.
If all I've seen there was nothing else more
Flesh would weep and poetry would be a chore.


Wonderful's this feeling - too wonderful?
Why now and not all through life thrilling me?
Well-being defies that sickness should call -
Too late now because life's been lived ill free.
You're with me as I write, knowing you'll read
But could I feel more wonderful than this
If I held you feeling every curve seed
My every need, my every desire's bliss?
If I was thrilled this hour my pen would write
Deep deep poetry with rhythmic passion,
With thick words filled with meaning all the night
And glow till tomorrow came, from union.
Wonderful's this feeling - too wonderful?
No! there's more instore and I want it all!


Oh twiddling toes thoughts from below did bring,
Perpetual peace laid aside for flings wild;
The Poet hid his head 'shamed of heat stirring
As his wild winter was no season mild.
Would be false peace through sea and land to ease
As twiddling toes' feelings fueled the red fire.
Why shouldn't toes like fingers weave spells of pleasure? -
Nature that heard such sounds would not retire.
The Poet's Voice and Verse are both brash brothers
Wanting tongue to sing in endless morn of light
While of love, sweetness, goodness toes wrote verse.
Oh twiddling toes thoughts from below did bring -
All brothers of the Poet now wish to sing.


Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom
That breathes on earth the air of paradise
And into my mind breathes thoughts - 'Now not soon.'
In good and loving things I gain advice
And in hope of endless peace I grow bold
As your love betters what's best even now
Though more when you in my arms I will hold.
Know my heart's best treasure in your bower
In neither present time nor years unborn
Will be less counted upon in poetry
Or in painting, which love they both adorn.
Oh my lovely, how I crave your beauty!
Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom;
I want you now, not tomorrow nor soon!


You're to my thoughts as moon beams light your hair
Or your breasts fill silken gowns, filled and more.
Richest poor poet of the planet earth fair
I count thoughts made words and know words don't bore.
If tonight my tongue could taste your moon wine
'Twould be to my poetry like nothing else -
Vowels golden, consonants silvered fine,
Images magnificent - though tongue's jealous.
Luckiest poor poet of the planet earth
If every night my tongue could taste you.
Publishers would call me for all their worth
Though my richest gains would be tongue's gains too.
You're to my thoughts as moon beams light your hair -
May the moon be jealous of tongue's sweet fare!


When I was with you wonders were all 'round,
My heart now low glows thinking back to then
Letting every moment flash through with sound
One by one counting mounts towards heaven.
My eyes count a thousand sights I adored,
My hands number the touches that them blessed,
Every scent I record revived and stored.
How shall I measure your love so not guessed?
Count the kisses? count the smiles, intimacies?
Love unseen I feel sweep over me here,
More than words, more than sighted things, brings ease;
Something that fills my being, brings you near.
How can I be sad? how can I be low
When your love's near, dear, comforts, warms me so?


Feeling your eyes thoughtful upon my greyness,
Songs of love, too sweet for our earthly tongues
Swept these lips but knew your throat sung it best
And holding breath savoured heat of twin suns.
Recite your poetry through blue candle's light,
Whispers, murmurs but above all please sing.
Sing through the blue candle's light - tears I'll fight,
Warmth more than the warm night Poetess you'll bring
So throbbing blood poetry boils for our love
Feeling your eyes thoughtful on my strong verse,
As songs of love sweetly earthly tongues move
With breathing sounds not music but no worse.
Sing your poetry through the blue candle's light;
Overwhelming love for you I'll not fight.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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