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I Love You more Than I Could Ever B


One two I love you as I look at you
As you look at me, two plus two eyes glued
And hands hold hands warm and kind, two hold two -
Two lips to two lips, tongue licks two like food,
One two I love you as I whisper ears,
Two sweet listeners - one ear whispered, two know.
Legs wrapped round one waist, oh two as one nears
When two cries in the night come from one go.
Two sleeping in one bed, two heads pillowed,
Two dreamers, one dream, hearts beating one two.
Two arms, one waist times two, one all seeds sowed -
One two I love you oh yes I love you!
Two eyes, two lips,two ears, two cheeks, each one
Needed for love of two during love's fun.


Who would lose you in their right mind dear flower? -
No poet would walk away from books of poems,
Nor teacher not read his notes lecture hour -
A card player discard all card packs then?
Every word you say is poetry to me,
My ears hear music and my mind facts find;
Your ideas trump mine but you smile kindly -
Our words dance, our minds spring and our lips mind.
Your petals do steal men's minds - have I two?
One to take, one to revel in mind skilled.
Who would lose diamonds in pretty cloth blue?
Who would discard gold in bright boxes filled?
But I'm glad there are one minded men 'round
Though I'd love to be blinded tonight, lights down.


Let not my 'Yes' seem mean resign not reign
Nor wild wants weak, nor now loud, now soft be.
Look not at the gum tree there but here's grain
To learn how limbs sink and soar, snap maybe;
The winged wind friendly here knows his friend well -
Don't you wish to taste the rain that's his blood? -
Hear near trees say he's more heaven than hell,
At least those whose eyes that don't look for mud.
Come to sunny lands of song, not for long
To learn much from this tree's might day and night.
Should the best grapes to the cellar belong? -
Venture to me, make 'Yes' in your eyes right.
Let all the gum trees here see I'm lucky -
New ground's Paradise, is sound not salty.


The next life there's love that's not unlike here -
Tears in my heart's eyes from being near you,
But now it's this life and often my dear
With hollow heart's pain heaven needs review
Except that sweet moments can brought back be
And beauty and harmony can calm fears,
So free to rise up great heights in poetry
And near heaven can nearly make more tears.
The next life there's love that's not unlike now,
Smiles on my heart's face from being near you.
This life's beauty's here and often I vow
Without poetry and your heart heaven's through!
But in the next life there's love and poesy
Not unlike here - we can still lovers be.


When with you then I'm wound down from life's force
For tired eyes, tired ears rest on beauty's breasts
But lips and tongue still smile and laugh of course,
Pleased to leave staid monks who such sins confess,
To run and leap where to bow and weep rule
Though with tears in eyes as happiness shows
And bend to pick up things you drop at all.
We flee the monast'ry to where love flows
To where hands touch, eyes gaze and hearts fast beat,
Where thoughts are thought not sins but sought pleasure -
Lips kiss warm flesh not wood nor cold, discreet .
The monk in me's laid to rest forever.
All prayers are poetry, all songs with love sung,
All whispers poesy from my heart wrung.


Where are you Muse now highest highs dwell here,
Higher than the stars you cannot take me?
A leaf falls from the tree and has no fear
Of her bare pretty feet that I can see
That dance within sunbeams down upon earth;
Bring me low - yes lower to watch her toes;
No rushing wind but still within - give birth
To wonder worthy of a king who knows
The humble, love leads to serene high states.
Dear Muse leave me not fettered here up high
Free me, for her feet my bare bosom waits
To tell royal stories of love's low sigh.
Where are you Muse now highest highs dwell here?
Lower me beneath the tree feet from my dear.


As though dealt cards were stacked in one's favour
My sweet heart's humming, happy that I'm near
And should be thinking, say blokes gone bitter
'Life's too full for me, too rare, like free beer
Too much, the day's too dreamy - where's the crash?'
Yet her beauty shines on, she walks feet bare,
Her long hair hides her shapely neck - eyes flash -
With waist for holding, lips kissing, to dare.
If its what I'm doing, I'll do lots more.
I think its because I love her dearly
And her love takes it and richly moulds poor
So my heart's humming, happy she wants me.
As though dealt cards are stacked in one's favour
I smile not cockily but smile on her.


Since sterling silver, nor crystal, nor light
But my tender heart time travels to you
Though silver ring's stars and cresent moons might
And candlelight lights crystal with this in view
So heart consents ring to be crown not earned
And crystal to be crown's diamond not seen
As fond heart becomes elf to dance as yearned
On your pillow soft to earn a sweet dream
If heart danced in a ring without light's sight
So crystal caught your heart glows for the crown
To allow small heart grow from elf to Knight
Who'd wake you and earn smile's power over frown.
May this magic have might so tonight find
More than a dream - not earned but your heart's mine!


You were here black-n-yellow honey eater,
The spirit of love trapped in the laundry
And I freed you from the pane your captor?
Felt your heart beat and pleasure being free.
'Dear God if you love birds reward me now
More than I would my sons for such freeing.'
Marvels of love flowed over me that hour -
How great of honey eaters' God's loving!
'Dear God show your pleasure of the love between
Poet and his love to be even greater -
Overwhelm her more than she's ever been -
Her poetry will sing Your praises better.'
Black-n-yellow honey eater I love you,
Oh your heart beat told me you love me too!


Like as the mighty gum tree stands alone
Yet nature preserves his great majesty
Your love accounts for my stature of stone.
River and sun, hearts see their rare beauty
Whereas to the mind of dear earth they're blind.
My rock solid strength comes from within you;
When winds blow you're gentle, my strengths you bind -
I grow as you give thoughts hard and soft new
And follow down into your warmest depths;
A mighty gum tree to last hundreds of years.
River and sun's smiles make men dance steps -
Why not your earth mind give sap to our peers?
I'll never rise so tall to want to move;
I'm foolish without your clever warm love!


That poem penned last night was wrong, was flawed,
Wanting poetic effect, teasing truth -
All night long with you, all my days - heart soared
Want! would die without, would trade for left youth,
Would forgo Eastern ways of love for West,
Cast my whims to the wind for real loving;
For your tremble rather than poet's blunt quest.
Oh forgive my selfish flesh thought's wording -
All I really want and need's seed flowers' blooms -
Let hands who wish to pick, envy bright eyes
Unless it's your wish, your longing for tunes -
Movement not stagnant stillness to make wise.
That poem penned last night was wrong, was flawed -
Best poetry's where blunt pen's a thoughtful sword.


If my dear love were with me half tonight
It might complete an half-baked plan I've hatched
For full romance, with some it seems, half right -
Joined with firm join, still as still ponds, be latched.
No fun the young would say, yet for long hours
In her grip poesy plunges through birth
And the poet murmurs of rocks, rivers, flowers -
Asks his sweet love to smooth the mountain's girth
While he picks fruit in Paradise for her
And wets the lone stump which shoots fast fresh leaves,
Finds checks and stops that deep pleasure pilfer,
Plucks the sweetest rose that's kept for love that frees.
Yes! if my love were with me half tonight,
Songs I would sing fit for sweet thrust's full might.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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