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I used to go out, enjoy plays, drop by and see friends I had known.
But, these days Iím too busy, too busy being alone.

Mixing with friends isnít fun, anymore. I might as well stay at home
I donít have time for friends these days. Iím too busy being alone.

So, I pass up all invitations, socially I am unknown
Ďcause I donít have the time anymore. Iím too busy being alone.

A movie might entertain me. Toward circuses I was once prone.
But, these days I canít get involved. Iím too busy being alone.

I stop at the market when I must. I fill up when the tank is dry as a bone.
I otherwise head for my hole in the wall and keep busy being alone.

Sometimes I need to hear a voice. I spend hours watching the phone.
But, if it doesnít ring, thatís all right. Iím busy being alone.

Let me sulk in my room at night. Please donít ask me to your home
ĎCause Iím not the best of company. Iím too busy being alone.

I dread the thought of solitude, yet somehow itís where I belong.
To think my sorry kind of thoughts and stay busy being alone.

I go for a drive. I go for a walk. Not really much fun on my own.
But, if I have to do it without her, Iím better off being alone.

Donít you see that I miss my Sweetheart? When she was here, the sun shone.
But, with her gone, lifeís not much fun. So, I keep busy being alone.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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