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Just A Natural Thing
Just A Natural Thing

Emerging into the coolness of the frost on the ground,
Nature calls deeply to my soul with its sweetest sound
Fall has sunk in with its widespread leaf killing bite
Wild woods so naked present a less than appealing sight.

Sunset breeze stings much more in its calm and cool way,
Nature demands more from furry critters in hardship pay
Owls knowing coming change will bring them more meals
Drastic change spreads across meadows, woods and hills.

This coming bleak and savagely measured epic onslaught,
Lethal trap to the many critters unprepared and thus caught
No mercy given in Nature's most wrathful and cold season
Nature demands weak and sick die, survival is the reason.

Spring awaits killing off of the useless, and its unneeded.
Its garden must flourish with beauty after its been weeded!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-01-2015

Sonnet number three,
Nature's Garden Weeded..

By robertjlindley

© 2019 robertjlindley (All rights reserved)


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