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Secret Love


Secretly in love, love with discretion
Will be my watch words, will hide Poet-Heart's fire,
Hidden from all, with hidden devotion.
Look for codes, all things secret, and strange wire
Hiding love's passion, hiding words 'mong words,
Covering feeling that sets lovers reeling;
Locked doors on desire that leads to drawn swords,
Setting free wild spirits that are dwelling
In bodies surrendered to surrender
Of earthly pleasures yet spirit wants all,
Hiding love's passion, poetry's plunder,
Love that begins empires, brings life to soul.
Secretly in love, love with discretion
I give powerful spirit-love's confession.


Saw the world in your eye when with you there
And Heaven dance on your lips as they pursed;
The palm of your hand held my heart with care,
Never has it felt so securely nursed.
We were born for sweet delight you and I,
Romance increased with every thousand K
I flew to you to see if we would sigh.
The moon too sighed and made me boldly say
'The gold of your hair will make millionaires
Travel ten thousand miles as I have done,
Brave the sun, walk desert sands, put on airs
Just to run their fingers through such gold spun.'
Saw the world in your eye and of love learned;
Was born for such bliss - never could be earned.


Being gentle, dear soul loves rear love soft;
Never ever been able before Babe.
Being gentle, never climbed to the loft,
That you'd teach me made me you I obeyed.
Never was forceful, was gentle and kind
But never knew some guys held the reins tight
And tried everything including behind
So meeting you was going to make my night.
Being gentle, though soul loves rear love soft
We met twice but pushed not soul's great wish
And still I've never climbed behind the loft.
If love and gentleness deny soul's dish,
I will sit back and never fulfil soul;
Hope's true you don't miss what's your soul's short fall.


Oh sweetest flower ever fragrant and rare
Your love and freedom blossom ne'er to fade
Though good and ill like entangled vines are
And their grapes may be picked as one in shade.
Together we've gathered and divided
The vintage and then drank love's rose wine
So our hearts rejoiced ready for late bed.
Oh millions of miles to you would be fine
And in Chinese-Russian Braille I would write
To call see your sweet feet crush grapes of love,
Grab your waist and taste your lips day and night,
Trip us up, drink pure grape and push and shove.
Sweetest flower ever fragrant - I murmur
In my heart you won't ever wither - never!


Your winged words on which my soul would give all
Touched me, chased my heart and caught me you know;
Brought me into the heights of love's circle,
Love's rare universe, free, yet tells me no.
I pant, I sink, I tremble, I'm heart prone;
My weak verses kneel at your sovereign feet
And say :- 'We work for you not our poet drone -
What would you wish we weave of his great heat?
By the muses you use, may he be mused
And study your love's power, your love's wonder,
With rewards of the world divine infused
So he can properly pour out love's power?'
Your winged words on which my soul would sing hymns
Touched me, chased my heart and caught me with poems.


Loving gold is cold to the Living God;
Loving you She warms my world divinely,
With harmony and happiness I'm shod,
My good nature's protected from poor poesy.
Yes! every word I write of you's love filled
For your beauty demands bragging by my pen;
Soft words seem essential though you're strong willed.
Not the metal glows but the word golden
And richly I've used its letters of love.
Though dreaming Golden Girl becomes your name,
Your name becomes all pet names now to move;
Written in gold in my mind and heart they claim.
Yes! I love gold, will till I'm old and die,
Then in Heaven I'll write in gold and sigh.


Old black reclined chair, place where love thoughts dwell
Delight again, these evenings with sighs,
Recount times poetry turned events - please tell;
Where sad moods were swung around to great highs
With thoughts of butterflies, Venus, the moon,
Her golden hair, her golden eyes glowing,
Silken dress live with limbs to love me soon,
Poetry from her pen world readers earning.
Old black reclined chair, place where love thoughts thrive,
For love reasons I'll never replace you,
For love reasons I will love while alive
My far love, even Heaven's seasons too.
Old black reclined chair, place where love thoughts grow,
As hope, prayer, poetry composed, love can show.


Dear brown, green grassed banks of the river
Under flowering gum tree's shade, you welcome
Each searched for, searing summer - blessed giver -
Lovers who love to flee in droves from the sun.
Blackbirds in bright bushes singing sweetly
So break my heart as they sing there hidden;
Far out of sight, not mind, over the sea
Is my love whom distance makes forbidden.
'You break my heart happy blackbird singing
With your answer call to your nearby mate,
For sing as I might, day and night sing
My tune hasn't matched yours to make a firm date.'
On the brown, green grassed banks I dream a scheme -
Bend knee to my blackbird in white - no dream.


Since your eyes, your lips, your poems, your smiles
Are not mortal to the eyes of my heart,
How with this fire burning thousands of miles
Over here out of control could it spark
Interest? - except that your beauty reigns
Oh not only in your blossoming breasts,
In your kiss, your touch, your glide that spreads flames
But through all seeing, pouting, smiling guests,
Silver words slipping tongue for us to keep.
My fire's rage then's no stronger than a flower
Though a flower in your hair has power of sleep
Producing dreams of sweet love forever.
Spoil not can my words spilling out poet's praise
For beauty abounds and my pen just obeys.


I want a secret fantasy with you,
Wish hidden thoughts treasured forever,
Feelings not shown by touch, souls showing through.
Be my one and only secret murmur?
My heart sound, my breath sound, my limb's sound - life?
Have a touch life but return my love's fire?
Oh be my secret sweet fantasy wife?
Let's parade past lusty love's loud desire,
Build with poetry blocks all that's perfect
Yes! pursue a secret heaven on earth,
Books of our poems published when we have left.
Bold plan to save love that promised at birth.
I want a secret fantasy with you
Yes! returned but alone might have to do.


I'm promised most darling days by Love's friend:
Beauty talks with me, walks with me with ease -
No dark clouds of gone-wrong love to contend
With or fear they will appear for I appease
Love's friend not Love's love whose no is pain.
Oh Beauty on whom men let their eyes gaze
In untold numbers to their private gain
I can't believe I've talked to you for days;
Can't believe I've walked with you - I'm amazed.
Oh Beauty - more clever than I'll ever be
Though I'm clever enough to know I'm crazed
For your gold heart which you'll never give to me.
I'm promise though most darling days no end
To walk and talk with Beauty, Love's dear friend.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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