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She That Rivaled The Glowing Moon
She That Rivaled The Glowing Moon

Thy *hyacinth* hair upon white shoulders laid bare
thy face, mirror of love in heavenly skies.
The miracle of thy body, so sweet and fair
its soft innocence, destroyer of worldly lies.

Walking behind thee, in steps where an angel trod
among meadows, flowering in moonbeams there cast.
Must be a heaven for thou art proof of a God
that giveth to mankind a beauty that shall last.

Thy touch, ecstasies that rival paradise
ravishing smile, cool breeze blowing on a hot beach.
In all the universe only thee will suffice
to heal my aching soul and my heart, true love teach.

Thou art my *Irene*, that I drink of thy calm!
Blessed I, to be soothed by thy loving balm.

R.J. Lindley
June 26th, 1989

By robertjlindley

© 2019 robertjlindley (All rights reserved)


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