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Smiles Comfort

Walking in the park, a man smiled at me, he was dirty, looked homeless
but the smile he displayed was of sparkling gold, never saw a smile filled
with such delight, as the man passed me, I turned my head to have one
more look, he seemed to be floating, not walking down the path as I.

Amazing! I thought silently. How could this be! he was humming a song
I'd never heard, but the melody still haunts me. Like an angel smile
a song only an angel could hum. Maybe he was an angel without wings
the thought did enter my mind. As it is said, angels walk among us, not
dressed in white with wings.

I'll never be the same again, troubles I thought were stressful, have not
troubled me again..I feel like am floating in a world filled with uncertainty
yet my heart is not heavy. I have walked this path in the park so many
times I could not count how many. When walking, the soft breeze blows
trees seem to greet me with a pleasant hello. A peacefulness abides
in this park that comforts.

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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