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As a top notch driver, intending to win, - he knew fans expected much of him. - He led the race from the pole to lap nine - when something went wrong that he could not define. - The engine ran strong without even a stutter, - but the car felt like he was driving on butter. - Pulling off to the side, he took the pit road - where his crew checked steering and balanced the load - in hopes hed find grip with all four on the track. - That pit stop had put him down a full lap.
Fitting his car to the back of the pack, - he gingerly tested the feel of the track. - Judging all to be well, he put the peddle down. - The response it now lacked caused him to frown. - What good was a car if easy to steer - if he was going to be kept way back here?
A lap or two later, knowing this was all wrong, - he pitted as he knew he would all along. - The crew rushed out and raised the hood, - checked here, looked in there, yet none understood. - Though running, the engine lacked in horsepower. - Internal checks could take more than an hour.
Too slow now to drive on the track at risk, - it was plain the rest of the race would be missed. - Back at the garage and now overheated, - steam filled the cab where the driver was seated. - When a mechanic rushed up with water in jug, - he noticed one wire had fell loose from a plug. - Should he mention his find to the driver inside? - Knowing now might just do more harm to his pride.
Helmet removed, slipping out of the car, - the driver acknowledged he hadnt gone far. - When the driver viciously kicked at a tire, - the crew member knew not to mention the wire.
Maybe next time, with engine, solid and sure - and no understeering needing the cure, - hed try it again, hopefully from the pole, - and, as a champ, resume the role.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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