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Way, way back when I was young
And lived upon a farm remote,
We all walked to a country school.
Each had a lunch box, books in tote.

Walking past neighbor’s farms
we’d gather up the little group
and chatter as we passed the miles.
From 5 to 16, we’d all troupe.

Not all that many in all classes
of that swaybacked old country school.
But, if you lived within its’ reach,
That’s where you learned the Golden Rule.

It never once occurred to us
That we might lack what others had.
Sandwich of peanut butter & jelly
was not considered all that bad.

On days when the sun burned down,
while studying, we drizzled sweat.
If heavy snow fell overnight,
That long walk faced us, yet.

Not much we did was felt extreme
Because each one had it the same.
If teacher felt we behaved well,
She’d let us out for recess games.

A ruler ‘cross the knuckles meant
you hadn’t quiet done as you should.
If taken out back, then we knew
our backside would feel a slab of wood.

Brought up with values, honesty,
it stays with one through all your days.
I never once have had regrets
Nor felt unfairness in those ways.

I’ve lived by lessons learned back then.
I still remember ‘when’.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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