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Fervent Prayer Once Uttered Unto Youth's
Fervent Prayer Once Uttered Unto Youth's Beauty

I that would, in your splendor bask
wear no longer youth's sweet, young mask
rather wrinkled face, weathered brow
with long decades flown on by now
yet glory rests in elder years
and love's truth devoid of life fears.

Mark well, honor given to you
no less and no more than your due
praise thus uttered not in great haste
nor vanities as others waste
hold this, in your sweet dreams afire
treasured kiss of deepest desire.

And from, heart and soul's strongest vow
words said, unto your graceful bow
beckoning of loving embrace
and salvation by saving grace
hear this, light begets truth's powers
youthful time loss, its saddest hours.

Beauty, innocence and child's dream
travel forth in splendorous streams
rushing past rocks that must give way
as sun beams forth, break of new day
In this divine gift, rests true love
glaring proof of heaven above.

Robert J. Lindley, Sept 17th, 2003
Rhyme, ( Where Light Reveals Youth's Fateful Path )

By robertjlindley

© 2019 robertjlindley (All rights reserved)


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