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I Think Of You - (breathless sigh)


I think of you - my thoughts do breathe and sigh
For you as those ruby lips brush my brow,
As those cheeks bloom with love-wishes that fly
Ten thousand miles from your summer bower.
I think of you - your thoughts do rise not fall
For there's warmth in that breast which comes from fire;
Those love-darting eyes flicker in my soul
Right from your summer bower of desire.
I think of you - my thoughts do glow with love
For your Russian cheeks do beckon Irish lips
While melting music plays on clouds above
And ten thousand to a zero slips.
I think of you - my thoughts do move my tongue;
I speak to you in spirit that's forever young.


The poet with half a glance at the sky
At night saw no meaning some years ago;
Nothing divine in grass, stones could not cry -
Dead stones and no spirit in air was so
Until he saw the moon in his love's eyes
Golden green, giving grass immortality
And heard stones speak softly of love with sighs
And knew his love's spirit could cross the sea.
Now the poet studied the sky anew;
Saw there was meaning and knew it was good;
The key was love and when the heart was true
You could catch the moon as her green eyes could.
He saw his love with wiser eyes now;
No half glances and longed for her each hour.


Whose is the love that pulsing in poetry
Heightens lovers' powers to win long term gains?
Whose is the warm heart touching us softly
Urging us love virtue so sweet reward rains?
Beneath whose care did my reviving core
Ripen in truth and writing daring grow?
Whose eyes have I gazed into, loving more,
My love for mankind more deeply to show?
Baby Doll! In yours - you are my magic;
You are the inspiration of my song.
These white gardenias are yours that I pick
Oh in your long golden hair they belong.
Know that though time may change and years may roll
All flowers I pick are your Baby Doll!


Oh there was a power in her sweet place,
A Cleopatra in her far Egypt,
An Eve in her Eden, with charm and grace
Which to her music and white flowers I skipped
And when I slept, dreamt of her poetry;
A lady with wings of wind, voice of love
Whose form surrounded a mind so lovely,
Who came down like an angel from above
To spread her honey that dripped with goodness;
Tendered her garden with glorious flowers
That matched her flushing face and flowing dress
And learned from nature each evening for hours.
Oh there was a power in her sweet place,
To visit makes my heart and spirit race.


Oh Golden Girl you are my heart's desire,
I've loved you since on the net we first met.
Golden Girl you are my delight and fire,
You are my heart of gold, I'm in your debt.
Oh my love you have long loved me dearly,
You have written poetry for me truly,
Your love is lavish, your love smothered me,
You made me a king in your company.
Oh Golden Girl you are my heart's desire,
I love you with a love that dearly longs
To be with you always, always on fire.
You are my shooting star, my book of songs.
You are my heart of gold and in your debt
I praise you, brag of you on the internet.


With more glories than the breaths of spring breeze
And the sun's first rise over the hills lofty,
Building his beams on the bosom of valleys
The Goddess dresses her page beautifully,
All around the world absorbed readers read
But I alone have been to sweet heaven;
Seen golden rounded breasts perfumed for bed
Which would be poetry for all youths and men.
Her lively looks her sprightly mind affirm
Quick as her eyes that match her long gold hair
Bright as the sun, oh how can but heads turn?
And like the sun her words shine everywhere.
The self same sun shines on us miles apart -
That sun warmed my heart - 'twas not Cupid's dart.


We say we shall not meet ever again
Beneath this sky that has been ever so kind
And turn with leaden feet and with much heart pain
Murmuring 'Goodbye!' as long lovers fine.
Oh but laugh at how we've said so before
When cross and misunderstood on both sides
As many lovers do and long for more
And meet in words sweet, returning as tides.
This time is different for distant shores reign;
Our lives ground us to our own land firmly;
Love seems conquered for only friends remain,
Together spirits without intimacy.
Can't stop loving you, I need not love more,
Surely once I can forever adore.


With a sense of present pleasure
I recline in my old black leather chair
With pleasing thoughts of our love together;
That in this moment there is life filled air
And food for future years to contemplate.
Not as I'd planned but more than I had hoped
Years ago wandering 'round without a mate.
I walked along the river bank's mild slope
Studying nature, oh but not as now;
Intense love revealed secrets to my eyes -
There's passion in my step, a sense of power -
A man, a poet who can hear nature's sighs.
Oh I praise the woman who wandered in.
Wandered out, leaving my love unbroken.


Lady on the net, near dying I lay
In bed with an illness, broken and sad,
Lacking lustre, doing nothing all day
And God said shall this man ever be glad
Or should his body be buried down deep?
Because of the goodness of this lady
And because her loveliness was complete,
Because she honoured God in poetry
My frown left, my cheeks filled out - shone my face.
You brushed your hair in a delightful way,
You danced in a circle, my heart did race;
Oh I knew I would live another day.
My body rose up full of your sweet breath,
Your love my dear lady saved me from death.


Gardenias in her garden deeply drink
Their whiteness from the spring of the desert
In the pleasantly warm air where to blink
One might miss the swish of the gardener's skirt
For she walks quickly as she has much to do,
Whereas I can study her flowers for hours,
Though visiting briefly such beauty new.
I lounge in the mist of the moon beam showers
Waiting for her on the warm balcony
To sip some wine, read poetry, listen intently
With kisses two or three, with love in tune.
When the dawn breaks the white gardenias rise;
It's then the gardener most values her prize.


Met a maiden on the net some time ago
While surfing, just doing the modern thing;
Fortune smiled at me and gave me a glow
That turned to fire and now I can't but sing.
We matched up on this and matched up on that,
As perfect as any a partnership;
I'm sad so many couples fail, in fact
Many miss out on near perfect love-ship.
I believe and sincerely have hope
The maiden I've met gives me fire
That won't ever go out and we can cope
With our poetry fuelling our desire.
My love's spirit can cross the cruel sea,
So it's not just emailing that comforts me.


Come to me my sweet woman fair as fair
'Tis long since you and I have met as one;
Remiss to forget or seem unaware
Of its glorious impact as a love potion.
Come sit by me and enjoy my summer
By this silver river in this far land;
Your loose hair to cover my lips' murmur
And your sweet voice to answer love's command.
Come gentle friend, come sit by me in the grass?
United in place, our bright eyes replying
To summer's romance - may the moment not pass -
Better than being apart with net loving!
Though let's never forget our first contact
Joining our two worlds - earth changing in fact.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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