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Despite the fact some clouds
Cling and clothe as might a shroud,
My view is unobstructed
From on high in my own cloud.

There would be many who
Might call my thoughts fictional
And, others who would believe
The concept close to mythical.

But, doubters would be earthbound.
They wouldn’t move with only breeze.
Their view would fail to encompass
What someone up here sees.

I drift as gentle breezes push
This fluffy cloud that I am in.
At other times, a stronger gale
Might cause my cloud to spin.

I care not what people say.
Some might, my sanity, besmirch.
But, in truth, I think most envy me
In my heavenly high perch.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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