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Meandering ascensions.
Upon the air I heard a far off wistful song thrush faintly call
Between the weary dying sunset and the evening’s quiet fall,
It seemed to speak aloud to me in shivering shades of molten gray
Of how each lonely Summer’s promise gradually dies away,
And those shimmering threads of loneliness on fairy rings of fire
Came ghostlike, drifting through leafless boughs of whispering desire,
Those meandering ascensions claim the hills that reach up to the sky
As deep within their secret valley comes the final curlew’s cry.

Upon a dream I felt the gleam of restfulness once more returned
That flowed like liquid silver as the season’s firelight slowly burned,
I could see a thousand wishing wells, all empty waiting all the same
Foe coins and wishes undermined by lovers calling out a name,
On emerald velvet carpets that stroll down to happy bubbling streams
Where dreamers rest to contemplate the resurrection of their dreams,
Autumn leaves come tumbling down in mosaics of sweet golden brown
Like poetry before it’s born, in search of one more Summer crown.

Upon a sigh that had no name, I felt the warmth of Springtime’s flame
That wrapped around my inner heart, and seldom let my dreams depart,
And I felt memories dance around, no need for pictures or for sound
Just feelings from another age, scattered across another page,
As in my dreams such a surprise, the constant wonder of your eyes
That lifted me when I was low, and made my mind up where to go,
For life is like a ruby ring, full of the dreams it’s facets bring
And you are like a diamond star, that brought me to you from afar…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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