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Carried by the crashing force of steel upon steel,
He balanced there as in a cradle hard.
Clinging here to get away from danger,
Hed been found winning with a sleeve card.

Should he sleep, hed fall to death on the ties below,
Tired and hungry as he was this day.
His gamble had been tried and brought to light.
This train the quickest means for him to get away.

It could not be said this was an honest man.
He rode the rails to get away before.
Always planning ways to make it work, this slight of hand,
Hoping for a fortune and tired of being poor.

Would he spend his night in a hobo camp?
So hard to admit that he once again had failed.
Or, might they catch him riding here before he could escape?
For that, no mercy. Beaten and then jailed.

Thinking all these thoughts while riding on the rods,
Lulled by constant motion and so tired inside,
He finally fell asleep while crossing open plains;
Let go his hold and ended the long ride.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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