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I wasnít always like this.
In fact, frisky describes my prime.
I was outside chasing around
Most of the time.

Then, I noticed some grey hairs.
Arthritis stiffened my gait.
At times when I used to pounce,
I now tend to hesitate.

At night, though, Iím a rogue.
From inside the door, I call the girls.
They come, remembering my hair
Most of which is wavy curls.

Younger ones are free at night
To come in answer to my call.
But, most I have known longer
Are kept inside after nightfall.

My calls are mostly false alarm.
Itís best Iím behind a closed door.
If many showed, Iíd disappoint
By not having what they came for.

Once the excitement has passed,
I slurp down a midnight snack.
Iím tired from all that barking
So, I hope tonight none come back.

On my nice fluffy cushion,
With my bedtime chores all done,
I lick my tail contentedly,
Exhausted from all that fun.

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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