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To My Mum
Pamela Kay Carter
29/5/1955 - 12/07/2019

Taken from us to soon,
This life just isnít fair
Itís not how it should have been
It was never meant to be this way

After everything that you have been through
All the hurt and all the pain
It just couldnít leave you alone
It had to win the game

And Even though it won
Tried to take you where you lay
You took death into your arms
And you showed it how to play

It was on this sad day ,
The 14/7/2019
The year my world was shattered
The year my mum left us to die

You taught death a lesson
Showed it your not scared
Donít ever dictate to my mother
Donít ever think she is weak

Your strength was empowering
Staying strong with no fear
Never showing it how much you hurt
Making sure that we werenít near

But you never gave up hope
Even when your body was failing fast
So you gave death an ultimatum
To Let you dictate your last hoorah

Protect my children please
Donít ever let them see
How evil you really are
And then you can take me

You knew that we werenít ready
Even though it wasnít your time
You knew you werenít coming home
When you left my house that July

You came to me when I cried for you
I thought I was going to die
You gave me everything you had left
You gave up your life to save mine

I am so mad at you for this
Not letting us say goodbye
You didnít let me hold your hand
Or wipe your tears if you cried

You left on your own terms
Told them how it was going to be
Protect my children always
I donít want them to see

Forgive me mum, i failed
Iím sorry I wasnít there
I should have been right there with you
Holding you close for your last breath

I donít know how to say,
How much you mean to me
Just know we all miss you like crazy
And love you so much more , especially me

Jo xx

By blueeyez

© 2019 blueeyez (All rights reserved)


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