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Forest Faith

I walk in faith when I walk in the forest
The roots of the tall majestic trees
Run down to the depths of my being
Where the heart-blood beats and flows
The branches stretch and reach out
To the sky of my mind
And the leaves breathe in
The air and essence of the divine

Every step in the forest
Is sacred and true
I walk with patience and reverence
A carefulness and respect
For all living things
That take the shape, colour
And breadth of their own
The plants, trees and animals
Where eyes through the ages
Have fed, slept and dreamt

I walk through the forest
And it refreshes and teaches
Shows me a different view
To seeing and believing the truth
That exists within and without me
And the world that surrounds me
I then kiss the dirt of my soul
And know Im ready to go.

By dissolvedlines

© 2019 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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