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The American Way

Take a look around
And tell me you see
Unsatisfied citizens going to extremes
Chasing after the obsolete
So-called American dream
Not everybody deserves a living wage
Not everyone can get paid
Is that best that we can do?

Blaming poor migrants
Who are running for there lives
For the problems we have
When they are trying to survive
But everybody has to die sometime
We can't let everybody strive
Is building walls the best idea
That anyone can find?

There's doctors down on Wall Street
Sharpening their knives to cut a deal
Meanwhile, back at the hospital
We got accountants playing God
And counting out the pills
But everybody has to die sometime
We can't save everybody
Is this health care the best that we find?

In July, way back in the day
Our forefathers made us equal
Just as long as we can pay
Maybe that wasn't what they were thinking
But it's the new version American way
Everybody has to die sometime
So they raise the retirement age
They don't want social security to pay

By Mike Mezz

© 2019 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)


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