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Meet the Queen
There was this sweet lady who lived by the shore
Who wanted to marry a man with riches galure
And live in his big castle on top of the hill
But there was one thing the suitors did not know

If young Elizabeth was English,Sottish,Irish,or French
Or was she just a mix of all four they would be asking
But would she ever be so kind to tell
She would want them to have the finest Carriages

Their money could buy and the four horses as well
To race across country to get from kingdom to kingdom
Sharing their wealth from town to town
Feeding the less fortunate people in ever town

The towns folk all were impress by what the king and queen
Had spread the loving fortune to feed the most unfortunate
Of the town's that just lived beyond their castle walls
And the town's people gave the best of their smiles

To the new lady of the castle and the town's folks
Did not care if the new lady was English,Sottish,Irish or French.
The folks of all the town's loved her the very best
And she will always be welcome in the castle with pray and God's grace!

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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