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Abby Rose And Ronny C.
Abby Rose & Ronny C.
What a lovely couple
They must be
They get on their knees

Every night both saying
A prayer to remain in God's sight
And the Lord blesses them
As soon as he hears their

Double prayers he reaches out
First to Dear Abby Rose and God
Puts his right hand on Abby Ross's
Right shoulder and Abby Rose feels

The touch of the Lord's Blessing
Then the Lord lifts his right hand
And touches the right shoulder
Of the God fearing Child of God

Abby Rose's best friend in life
Ronny C. and he will always be
A best friend to little old me
Love and blessing from old uncle Jimmy

And it always will be and forevermore
Oh may Ronny C. & his main squeeze
Abby Rose if you please
Stay with Ronny C.for eternity

As God seen it fit to bless young
Ronny C. The Lord put his blessed
Right hand on the dear Ronny C. Right
Shoulder and gave to him the blessing
Of never-ending and of forevermore.

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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