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No! Ive decided there is no single, solitary meaning to life.
Were born, we live, we die. During that process, there are many purposes we serve, joys we attain, miseries we are dealt.
In order that all this may happen, we each must accomplish developing a physical stature, an attitude, an education and, depending upon the ways in which we utilize all these, we are then able to go through our lives with a variety of moods, modes, acquaintances, achievements, fulfillments and disappointments.
Is it possible for anyone to say they have lived a happy life? No. A sad life? Of course not. A contented life? Perhaps in part. Inconsistency and variation are a part of learning and developing. None retain the same mood throughout a lifetime, nor would anyone choose to. Although, at any given time, we feel things could become worse for us, we must also recognize that, at any given time, our satisfaction with life could improve remarkably.
Neither change can be taken altogether as a personal accomplishment as long as we are members of a society. The influences of those around us as well as of actions that take place around us may influence our ability to be either satisfied or dissatisfied, happy or sad, fulfilled or disappointed. None are completely within our personal control.
Whether the end results are pleasing to us and manage to leave us feeling we have attained what we desired depend as much upon our own efforts as on the efforts and actions of those who have never known us and who have no direct concern for our welfare.
What we each must do is place ourselves within the confines of a space we call our own. Within that space, we must decide what we wish our life to provide us. If we desire a mate, performance success at our work or merely an inner feeling of content and satisfaction with ourselves, we can, within that space, begin to build and work toward gathering the many efforts and pieces of existence that go into making those wishes become fact.
If, during this process, we find our goal will cause harm to another, we must then re-evaluate, adjust, redirect our efforts in a way that will harm the physical or moral content of none other.
Once more, we restart on our way toward that contentedness we seek. However, if we at some point realize that what we seek will adversely affect, perhaps, the financial wellbeing of some other, we must once more make adjustments.
Little by little, we come to realize that those things we want, those feelings we seek to fulfill, that inner satisfaction we seek becomes a more narrowed goal. If it must be taken from everything surrounding us, while still never adversely affecting others, the goal we set must either narrow or the sense of accomplishment in attaining that goal will wither.
In each instance, each individual will find in time that to accomplish their goals, to be wealthy, mated, happy, they must relinquish small parts of what they set out to achieve. They will find themselves happier, wealthier and with lifetime mates only once they realize the essential need to do so while harming no other, indeed, while benefitting all others.
That, Im convinced, is the real meaning of life.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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