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I dreamed I was a tractor
I still wasn’t very big.
But, they hooked a scoop on my front
And taught me how to dig.

I’d rush a pile of dirt,
Then turn around with a load.
Little boys with wagons
Waited on the road.

Fill one, then return
To fill each as they advanced.
Once I had the rhythm,
It was almost like a dance.

As time passed, I grew larger.
Now, trucks advanced one by one.
Somehow I kept up,
not to be undone.

One day I awakened
And saw out there, ahead,
A scoop that could move mountains.
Nothing had been said.

It was pretty plain, though,
I was expected now to load
Those giant trucks I saw there
Where they waited on the road.

Way too big, I told myself.
How would I fill them to the top?
But, I fired up and soon
Found a rhythm that wouldn’t stop.

From little more than a toy,
I had grown so big.
Along the way I’d learned a lot.
Now they could wait and watch me dig.

Those giant trucks would see
How quick I filled each rig.
If nothing more, during that dream,
I sure had learned to dig.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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