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The shades of life.
Between the shades of night and day, the reasons of life dance and play
In silk seclusion and sweet song, they answer why they still belong
Among the hearts and minds of man, some supreme and celestial plan
That seeks a start to all our plays, to find out what the ending says,
Between the pages of our days, so many softly winding ways
That start out being whisper soft, then sing out joyfully aloft
Like hymns adrift upon the air, a sense of peace is everywhere
So many poems still to write, to bathe our lives in heaven’s light.

Between the shadows and the sun, so many patterns being spun
Meandering like river beds, life’s dreams wander through our heads
While songbirds sing their serenades, before the morning sunlight fades
There seems a sacred sense of calm, no enmity, no-one to harm,
And furthermore no lost surprise, forever drifts through summer skies
No shuttered windows or doorways, listen to what the future says
In sentences of mile on mile, so wonderful its sunset smile
For sunrise always follows through, where we can take our wishes to.

A promise threads itself through hope, even to those who cannot cope
Just trust the prayer that takes you back to every smile you used to lack
And very soon you’ll come to see that what was trapped is now set free
To sing psalms of a summer night, impatient just to greet dawn’s light,
But most of all hold out a hand to those who still misunderstand
That all life is a sacred thing that makes us dance and makes us sing
And all our hopes merge as just one, to seek before life’s song is gone
for those who act as less than men, we pray for them, then say Amen…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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