Once upon a perfect day.

Once upon a perfect day in my pursuit
Of butterflies softly prancing on a breeze,
I stopped and passed the time spellbound
By those and of the buzzing, bumble bees.

Praising, perching birds with perfect pitch,
I perked up and heard, little chirps in leafy trees.
Not one limitation was imposed while I reposed
On participating floral pollinators such as these ...
The butterflies, tippy toed on petal-posy sprees...

Where in this tranquil pleasing place, promising potential
Sweet endless peaceful possibilities...
I unwrapped with pleasure, pouring prayers
All through 'the present' that was waiting
_______________________there for us to seize!

Art Courtesy
Karla Dornacher
Artist and Bible Devotions Teacher

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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