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I pray to lord Jesus in heaven
As I kneel by the side of my bed,
For all the little children I pray
I pray for peace dear lord
Before too much blood is shed.

For I am only a little child lord
I am only seven years old,
I pray for all the children like me
Who might never live to be bold.

I love my mum and dad lord
And I know they love me too,
Please don't let there be a war
Its peace that I want don't you.

I know there are a lot of bad people
And they should be punished, rightly so,
But not the whole wide world lord
That would make everybody sad and full of woe.

I'm sorry I have started crying, I'm usually quite tough
I'll sure miss all my mates and my football and stuff,
I've got a great bedroom and I'll miss all the fun
Especially my computer and my football shirt I won.

I pray to you lord Jesus in heaven
I pray for all children like me,
I pray for all the world to be peaceful
And live in harmony.

Just like you teach us lord Jesus
If I grow up I want to be like you,
Happy and peaceful and gentle
We'll teach the world a thing or two.

Please watch over my family
And our soppy old dog Ben,
Who send you all their love
And say thank you lord, amen.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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