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A penny saved a penny earned

September 5, 2019

Chapter one

I was sitting in a restaurant eating one day and a man came in dressed out of sight you could tell he had great wealth, I saw him reach down and pick a penny up off the floor. Curious as I could be I wanted to ask him you must have all the money you could ever need why would you pick up a penny on the floor. I couldnít get up enough courage to ask, so all the while I was eating I pondered over it trying to ask him that question.

Well we will continue tomorrow see if I managed to make myself ask that question

A penny saved a penny earned
Chapter two

Iím really getting into to it now afraid he will leave before I can ask him, but I looked over at him and said mister may I ask you a question? He said of course I think I know what you are going to ask I said yes sir you must have plenty money I can tell why would you pick up a penny off the floor? He said my friend it is a long sad story I will be glad to share with you when I was a lad we were so poor we became homeless because we didnít have a place to live. Now we didnít even have a bite to eat. Our parents were so distraught they didnít know what to do.

Tomorrow is another day and another part of the story

A penny saved a penny earned

Chapter three

So we all got down on our knees and prayed dear Lord you know what
We are up against , and we have no place to turn to would you please help us find some meaning of food and shelter, well in just a few minuets a man came by and said good morning how are you today, my Dad said not so good mister we have no place to go. I saw you pick up that penny off the sidewalk you canít need it so why? The man said a penny saved is a penny earned if you will go by that you will prosper if you are interested I have a store down the street from here I can give you a job and some food to start my Dad said interested I would be delighted.

A beginning of a new life for us

A penny save a penny earned

Chapter four

My Dad started to work in that store and did so well he finally saved enough money to open his own store, and another and another until he has a whole chain of grocery stores, so now I remember those days of yore and I never see a penny lying any where that I donít pick it up and remember the day when we had none and our Lord made it possible for us to prosper he is so great never put him aside. If you know someone needs help please help them all you can you will never be sorry.

The last chapter of this story hope you enjoyed it

September 5 2019

Author Clara Case ( Deen )

By deeny107

© 2019 deeny107 (All rights reserved)


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