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The Crazy Life of Doctor Jim.
Hay Dear Woman You Hurt Me So
and Now My Dear Woman I'm going
To tell You exactly where YOU CANNN Goooooo
To Hell Hell Hell You No Good X X X X so and so

And Now With God You will never Get It Right
Cheating Stealing adultery are the Big three
that won't let you get Passed the Golden Gates

Saint Peter Will Show to you the other direction
March Into the fiery Pit where all who break those
Three Important sins sit before they are burnt to hells ashes
In the Hot and steaming coals that will burn your feet butt shoulders

and what you been sitting on all the days of your life your fat Brain
until there were no cells that remained no thoughts no memories
Of the good old days all You Had left in your brain was farts
because You Had poop in her Brains and dam Your whole family

Who all Remained were following in Your Footsteps
they did not know the ways of the Lord
Christ Jesus Footsteps were far away
You My Old and Dearest Friend for the Longest of centuries are Lost

I'm not the Judge but I can see clearly Now
you definitely chosen the wrong battle to fight
You stole you cheated You Lied took the Kids away
and ruined them and turned them against my family

You Just wait they will read your book and they by now
Can see between the lines You are a ghost and a fake
Your Children are about to awake to what you did and what you said
wasn't correct or right her family are like black sheep running out of sight

I say Out of sight out of mind to me they were very unkind
They use People any way they could to me I finally got the message
I totally understood my way out was divorce to save my sanity
The way it all was planned her father was trying to ruin me make me look bad

So I just couldn't pay all the bills that I had and that
drove me to the point of madness
And that S.O.B. had a smile of gladness
But I had Good support of a family of 6

They would not let me fail they knew I needed some help
they knew it very well they stuck by me made sure I had a good
Divorce Lawyer who had taken my case and looked over it well
Some People Say bad things about Lawyers but I say this one was heaven sent

I Have Been Divorced For Over 19 years and Now she still has it in her to call me
and ask If I want to go and play with her and the Grand Children I told her plainly
that I was a busy Man and I no longer had the time to come out to play. I think she finally got the Message she divorced me for another Guy and still kept me around in the loop for what nobody knows but I just sucked it all in. But Now her second husband has passed away her ask me if I wanted to Meet her New Boy Friend I said to her In a Harsh Voice FORGET YOU KNOW MY NAME I DON'T WANT EVER TO MEET A NEW BOY FRIEND OF YOURS then I stopped myself from calling her all the names in the Book and its not the book Of Love.

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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