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Good Morning my friends I must write?
Good morning my friends
I must write about God's love
That he shows for us each day
Either we be Red,Black,White Yellow or a shade of Brown

We find the shades of God's love In every city or small town
For God made us to be kind and to remember to be loving
To who ever we meet and to remember to bless them in your
Daily moment of silent prayers that will reach their hearts and souls

With a special blessing that will now and forevermore will arrive
In a daily passage sent from my blessed soul to theirs with God's
Loving care for all his people every where around the Globe
And back again blessing everyone who would listen and hear

Today's messages from the written word
'be still my friend and let go
And let our Dear God settle all scores
and cast blessing to all Of God's Children.

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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