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Time To Ponder This World And So Much Mo
Time To Ponder This World And So Much More

Within dreams that this soul truly adores
Where mountain ridges highlight bright sun's glow
Green valleys below, lakes with sandy shores
Life content as blessed happiness pours-
Pathways that a true, sincere seeker treads
Lined with beautiful flowers shining bright
Gems dancing within Mother Nature's beds
In this earthly realm, a glorious sight.

Morning's promise, day with radiant rays
Time to ponder this world and so much more
All the better, if one will learn to pray
Eye opening deep truth, never a bore-
Such rich treasures to found, if one but looks
Beyond those tragic shadows this world casts
So much more to find, far beyond school books
Love's deep truth, richer life, that truly lasts.

Robert J. Lindley, 9-08-2019
Rhymer, ( What Life, This World And Nature Gives )

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2019

By robertjlindley

© 2019 robertjlindley (All rights reserved)


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