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Have you seen Goldie Locks lately?
As I was a young man around five
I read the fairy tale about a gal named
Goldie Locks and I am wondering where
She may be today she was pretty and sweet then

She must be as pretty and sweet even now
She must have some grand kids who could tell
Me just where I could go saying you dirty old man
You must leave my sweet Grand Mother alone

She is older sweeter and kinder and never meant
For the dirty old man that you are so sir leave my sight
And leave it quick I don't mean now your time started
Two minutes ago I sadgust you should start running

Gram Pa is a mean old man and will hit you
Over your fat head with his cain
if he can so be careful
Where you go Gran Pa takes a walk

to where no one knows
No one knows when he returns
We just find him in the morning in his bed
Sleeping with the covers over his head

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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