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Oh! Midnight of the sacred sky
Please grant me wishes three,
One of love, and peace,
And one of prosperity.

So that I may go forward
In this world with a bowl,
Of benevolence and care
To give of my heart and soul.

To help the oppressed
The defenceless of humanity,
No matter what the cost
To my health or sanity.

Let me give of myself
For the birth of one life,
Midnight of the sacred sky
Help me to get rid of this strife.

For they are in darkness
Let me show them some light,
So, they can see the spring daffodils
So, they can see beauty with their own sight.

I weep with love for their innocence
I hold up my hands in prayer,
I beg in all my sincerity and faith
I beg mankind to try and be fair.

Give them the same chance as you
Is it not said, the meek shall inherit the earth,
Let them have their tomorrow my friends
So, they have freedom to run through the fields of their birth.

For the children of WAR torn countries!

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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