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Wonders of the Inner Mind

Constant pressure submerges deep without a
special place in mind, surfacing into dreams
leaving reality behind.

Realization mutters low, to give a mystic calm
effect, to the ones who clear there soul, to let
their inner voice come through, without a thought.
you can be the ruler, the inner mind awaits.

Learning to teach yourself the ways, you must be
steady everyday, results shall bring the upper
hand, and be the master of lifes plan.

You'll not fall along the way, with inner strength
you shall hold, with mind and spirit you combine,
you'll own lifes treasures in your heart, inner
peace shall appear, deep within your inner mind.

When you open truthful thoughts, admitting you've
done more then right, with wishes not to wise to
make, along lifes forbidden path you walk.

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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