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My America My America
Oh my America, my America, my heart hurts
beyond compare, watching the terror in the
sky, without a word in my saddened heart.

I cannot find the words to say, to make
the world content, they're hidden deep within
the soul till peace shall come again.

Oh my America, my America, it will not end
till the hand of God will grip the hearts of
men and show them the way again.

To much sorrow without relief, fills
the heavens with flames and smoke,
killing the faith, dulling the mind with more

Oh my America, my America, my sorrows
lie much too deep to understand our fate
but we do know, God loves his children and
will take care of his own.

Been eighteen years that people died in
vain, and America has become so alert
on Terror attacks.

The evil that surrounds goodness, will
not be victorious, good always wins in the

God Bless America in which we Stand!

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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