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Fallen Angel
Fallen angel don't be darkened,
it's only fear to make your spirits
low, evil lurks not inside your
soul, it tries to bring you down
when love turns into hate..

Fallen angel, look into the light
of your heart, bring forth the
sadness that's hidden, the tears
shall not follow those chains
that bind..

Fallen angel rejoice, your life
shall sparkle like the stars
in the heavens, your mind
shall conquer your restless
soul, and bring you peace..

Fallen angel arise into the sunshine
of first dawn light, sow no more
pain among your kind, let the
darkest night disappear like
a wounded animal, into the
forests of forsaken dreams..

Fallen angel like a magnet,
powerful and irresistible you
shall become, with an illuminating
glow, stumbling no more
upon the pitfalls of your wrong

Fallen angel rock in the cradle
of heavenly light, no more
blemishes shall cover your
troubled heart and you shall
be reborn in another place
and time..

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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