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Stardust, falls gentle like
fresh fallen snow, it lands
on dreamers, lovers, young
and old..

Stardust are not only
for little ones, it shines
each night in the velvet

Golden dust falls from
the sky in the warmth
of summer, when the
moon is full..

It creeps around the world
like fine mist, before the
dawn appears..

Stardust is what's on the roses,
like dew they say, it soon
fades away with the brightness
of the sun..

Stardust is like the finest diamonds
displayed in the jewery stores,
only thing with stardust, it comes
without a price...

Collect your stardust, when the
moon is full, and put it in a
golden box, in case God runs
short someday..

Stardust covers angels wings,
they shine so bright, they fly
so proud, in the heavens

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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