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In My Remembrance Book
The chill of this Autumn morning
Keeps me snug indoors.
Comfy here in my easy-chair,
I've all but forgotten my chores.

The sky is gray like aluminum .
It cries such big splashy tears.
But all in all I love a rainy day.
From me you'll hear 'Three Cheers'!

My remembrance book is brimming
With treasures from yesterdays.
And as I sit back to reminisce,
Little snippets I've carefully stowed away.

Treasures of those bygone days.
Back when Grandpa walked the land.
And early in those morning hours
With fishing pole, our days were planned.

Grandpa's name comes up so often.
On the pages of my remembrance book,
My heart was bursting with the love.
One smile from him was all it took.

I look forward to those rainy days.
All cozy here in my easy chair.
Golly and weren't those the best of times.
I wish that he was here...

By Mariannajo

© 2019 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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