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In The Dusk Of The Fiery Skies
In The Dusk Of The Fiery Skies

In the dusk of the fiery skies,
I see a winged horse as it swiftly flies.
A vision in shades of gold and orange,
That sight my mind can not expunge.

Maybe this was only a daydream,
That marvelous sight in the sunbeams.
Then I just had to take a second look,
To make sure my mind had not mistook.

Again my eyes that sight did behold,
A horse with wings shining on the gold.
It stood out against the dusky sky,
As it spread itís wings and away did fly.

Life has many wonders for us to see,
With that Iím sure you will not disagree.
These things to our lives can add mystic.
Even if they may not seem to be realistic.

So I hope you can come dream with me,
Because these miracles I want you to see.
Then maybe our world will be a better place,
As magical thoughts, we can all embrace.

© M. Doris Fuller

By merrygrannyde

© 2019 merrygrannyde (All rights reserved)


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