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Sometimes it going to be hard.
Sometimes life throws thorns at you but we have to go on a little bit longer
Life is not all Rainbows and sunshine because we have to overcome are
Hard times and let go of the past youíve got to become a better someone and
Someday you will look back and say that because you wore holding on
A little bit longer the time was actually going to get better for you
Remember that everything is going to hard but you can always overcome
The feeling inside if you just hold on a little bit longer, because even she.
It seems like you have no one to lean on you have thatís heart that knows
How To feel and sometimes that is going to be a hard time but remember that if
You keep on going a little bit longer that you can overcome anything because you
Wore holding on tight even if you didnít know why you wore holding on
Remember that we can always overcome things if we hold on a little bit longer
And we will find that joy inside if we just hold on a little longer even
If you feel like you are on Fire remember that we can always overcome are
Battles inside are hearts and we can always just try a little bit longer. How

By chickpea

© 2019 chickpea (All rights reserved)


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