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Inner You
Bonds that are woven in the heart, never
disappear, gaze around eternal fire, see
flames soaring high, life is eternal divine
soaring through and through.

Life never existed, just an illusion!
Can you collect your thoughts remembering
when you rode across the countryside
of your dreams?

Realization of a fearful mind disappear
among the images created now

Have you forgot where your heart lies?
Is it dormant, waiting for a reason to
be set free? have the trees dropped
there leaves? Has the denseness of
the storm made you forget where
your heart lays?

Where is the flower of light, the flower
that worships mother nature, it blooms
but do we see? The flower never needs
to be seen, it's within waiting for the
time to appear!

Walk into the wilderness of your heart
sit and gaze, what have you noticed
that you haven't before? Years and years
have gone by, now you notice that all
around, there is a touch of fire stagnating
slowly with.

Open mind, eyes wide open, flower
the flower appears, why have you never
seen it before, in all it's splendor? It
faces you with brilliance, it is your
flower that has opened for the first
time you have become aware.

Take to heart what is offered you
it was never meant to be hidden
away all this time, now it is yours
take it, use it well, time is to
short not to begin to live your

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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