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Have you ever sat and written
at a fast and furious pace
in the effort to put down thoughts
you’ll never intend to erase?

Does a later proof-read show
some words that were unmeant?
Has this changed the meaning
of the original intent?

Has your mind said one word,
while you’ve written quite another?
Might you refer to breathing deep,
contrarily, you’ve written ‘smother’?

Reading back through what you wrote,
do you catch your mistakes?
Or, do you still see what you meant
without the briefest of retakes?

When what you thought and wrote
differ very drastically,
do you yet see in print your thought
and accept the words enthusiastically?

Imagine, if your words were shared,
if others tried to grasp your thought,
the mistaken words you used
could confuse them mightily for naught.

If your mind still sees your thought,
and your mistakes remain,
be glad it’s not a contract you’ve
misread, then signed your name.
What legalese did you misconstrue?
Read words to mean what you want them to?
You’ve never done that - have you?


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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