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Little Red Wing

Sherra, meaning (Little Red Wing)
was a Chippewa Indian Maiden of
beauty, loved mother earth, and
daughter of Chief Fire-Water.

She was deeply in love with a young
brave they call 'Ykee', a brave warrior
he went hunting one day, never returned
to his beautiful Sherra.

One day the chief gathered a few men
to see if they could find Ykee, meaning
(Brave Hunter), they left that morning
at dawns early light.

Sherra had lost her zest for life, cried
many tears for her man, she stood watching
Chief Fire-Water leaving with his band
of Indian warriors.

Hours passed and still nothing, till
mid-day of the next, she saw them
coming in the distance, they were
carrying something.

Has they entered the camp, Sherra
went running toward the small group
of Indian braves and chief, she gazed
down at her man's body all mangled
he had been attacked by a bear.

She ran deep into the forest crying
like she had never cried before, she
knelt kissing the ground they would
sit for hours.

Sherra, never was herself again
she never smiled, never chanted
danced under the full moon, she
just stared like in a trance.

One night she walked into the forest
and never returned, she went deeper
and sank into the quicksand
of mother earth.

Little Red Wing, and Ykee, now walk
the heavens with the white bufflo, sad
as it seems, she has found her happiness
with her beloved man.

(Not all stories end up a happy ending)

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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