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My Cry In The Dark
My cry in the dark

My heart is cold broken and trodden
I'm in a hole where I'm rotting
I can't breath down here
The earth will swallow me I fear...

Torn up with past mistakes
Falling short of His grace
I start clawing at the dirt
With my tattered t-shirt...

Dirt falling down on me
Blinding me I can't see
Clawing my way in the dark
I thought I saw a lark...

But it was a dove now i think
Caused my eyes to blink.
I dropped to my knees
And tears falling where they please...

Crying out to God above
For His ultimate love
To forgive me of my sins
Because with Jesus everyone wins...

He heard my cry in the dark
Told me I was right I didn't see a lark
He sent a dove to me
So I would open my eyes and see.

That Jesus died on the cross for you and me
I cried out for Mercy...
He shone His light in that deep hole
And guided me out this I know..

So I profess to the world I am saved
With Jesus at my side I am now brave...

Thank You Jesus for saving a wretch like me
With Jesus now I am set free.
Holy is His name now I proclaim
My world will never be the same...

On bended knee he heard my plea
And did grant me Mercy
I will profess my love for Him
Forever and ever Amen!

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By raggedyann11

© 2019 raggedyann11 (All rights reserved)


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