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The Faerie Queen.
She walked in silk illusion through the bated breath of day
So self assured and confident, she knew no other way,
Her crown cast back reflections from the mirrors of before
Her sceptre was the magic key to open any door,
In front of where her footsteps fell was ochre desert plain
But just behind, where she had walked were flowers in the rain,
And from her shoulders hung a cloak of spider woven air
That scattered diamonds as it swirled, to tumble everywhere.

Her gown was sunlit segmentations set in rose hip ruby red
And their magic glow held shadows from the crown upon her head,
A crystal orb upon the crown lit every fairy there
Illuminating golden slides that held their flowing hair,
The Queen sat on her throne of light, and beckoned all around
And every single fairy bowed down slowly to the ground,
Then she raised her sceptre slowly, and she made life’s moments wait
Until the doorman turned the key and then unlocked creation’s gate.

Then the fairies mounted dragonflies, and flew out to a world
Where roses smiled in blushing red, and daisy chains unfurled,
With their wish answered acknowledgements still ringing in their ears
For fairy eyes of sweet surprise can take away life’s tears,
And in a clearing far away, a child smiled once again
At magic spells and wishing wells, with no need to explain,
Just trust and faith and innocence, the children’s trinity
No need to sleep without a dream, unless it comes to be.

Then dragonflies with sleepy eyes and folded satin wings
Watch over fairies under toadstools as the sandman softly sings,
And they sleep in silk seclusion as the world turns slowly round
With the echoes of such silence stained reverberating sound,
Until through creations gateway came the whispers of the Queen
Calling all her subjects from the places they have been,
Reminding every fairy that the night drifts ever near
No time to sleep, no time to dream of love or hope or fear.

For fairy rhymes and magic shoes dance only through the day
And Angels wait behind the gate where evening’s fairies play…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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