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I sat upon the bank so green
Where all the sky was blue,
The sun shone down on me
As I took in this glorious view.

A view full of serenity
Colourful calm and bright,
As the autumn leaves fluttered
It was a breath taking sight.

The world stood still upon this day
In God's garden as the animals played,
The squirrels were in their element
As a young deer moved about in the glade.

Butterflies floated in the warm air
As the wild flowers did glow,
Poppies with their vibrant red
In their vast numbers put on quite a show.

Mr Blackbird whistled a merry tune
Way off in the distance a field being ploughed,
All the hard work from harvest time
Is blest in churches by enthusiastic crowd.

As I get up from the bank, I thank the lord
That I have been blessed with eyes to see,
Such a wonderful spectacle of nature
In all her beautiful colourful majesty.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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