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I saw a picture of you the other day
It was hanging on your old bedroom wall.
It was a strange picture I thought,
Because it didn't look like you at all.
It didn't have your sexy blue eyes,
In fact, the more I looked at it,
It seemed to be telling me lies.
The colour of your hair was wrong
It was grey instead of brown,
Even the nose upon your face
Sat there wearing a frown.
You had wrinkles and lines
That I had never seen before.
Then it suddenly dawned on me
That it wasn't you at all.
It was your dear old great granny
Born in, eighteen seventy two,
I just couldn't understand
What made me think it was you.
Until I put me glasses on
And the picture came alive.
Then I saw the signature in the corner,
Which said, taken in nineteen fifty five.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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