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Blood of The Dead Leaves

And here again, it is time to ponder

Let the morbid mind err and wander

Through aimless stroll and meander

To the rhythm of the bleak September


Acid bites from the sun's lemon beam

Chilling morn freezing the dormant stream

And the mist, like a ghost in silent creep

It is the Fall and its toll, Spring fast asleep

Breathless trees cast their shadows, crossways

Against the old river,; lined in rows, edgeways

And that dead sigh coming up from the cliff

Brings Fall' s short lived days, through a whiff

Let Autumn stress his boredom , i still live

I still endure its lethal poison, i can heave

My spirit from the Fall, i still haunt the hill

And seeking romantic thrill, and till, i will

By poetsword

© 2019 poetsword (All rights reserved)


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