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Through Pain


Though my back aches, though head aches too sometimes
I've never felt stronger through love, never
As life pushing past all wrongs righting, climbs.
Yes, your love is not love that can sever -
Builds pyramids, paints masterpieces, plain
For once it's seen love's the essence of them
All who have loved and lost could gain the fame
For someone somewhere for them, love again
Pyramids build, a masterpiece paints
Oh not as plain, for great love is humble
And just as Nature's largest rocks like saints
Weather all weathers, all rough and tumble
They're plain rocks as your love's plain love
Yes, plainly marvellous, plainly from above.


In spirit gentle lovers leave your love's side;
Give flowers or perfume on your return.
What can we spirits do to turn the tide
So slothful love dies and his remains burn?
Let's think on love, speak our minds, pool our thoughts,
Remove gloominess that clouds the bright day;
Let's highly praise long love in the highest courts
So weak love dies young in a kind way.
Oh gentle spirits go back to your love's side,
An example we must be to the world;
Love so only fools would not see you glide
Serenely in love nothing slothful unfurled.
May love's measure be related to our smile;
Our smiles added my love is no measured mile!


Since I love you, I wish to taste the fruit;
Not once to test if it's ripe, pure and best
But daily for energy to best suit
Desire to aspire hope in long-love's quest.
Distance would be cruel indeed to allow
Our hope to linger long and then to die.
Hope blooms with promise as the sweet fruit's flower
And the fruit swells into perfection's sigh.
Since I love you I wish to taste the fruit -
Our Gardener guards the good growth on the tree
And when we taste daily, our hope will shoot
Sky high to rich fulfillment - hopefully.
Hope is the bloom - the swelling fruit, love's sigh;
Both fragile yet their strength none can deny.


Oh am I twice a fool for loving you
And for saying so in winning poetry?
Am I not giving ideas to men new
How to woo one woman with ecstasy?
Not that you are in real danger my dear
For your heart is true, too true to be swayed,
But poets without love, with my words I fear
Will win many maids not willing to be played.
Your beauty makes poetry spring from my pen
And words flow sparkling to the thirsty sea.
My songs will be sung by birds not men
Oh such is the power you have over me!
Two fools am I, grown to be three I fear;
Would not wise men wish such foolishness dear?


Love! you are leading me from my cold land.
Lady! you lead me to your summer home
Where I may taste the blossoms that expand
As the sun warms our two hearts, flesh and moan,
For again my timid lips will grow bold
And make poetry with yours in dewy rhyme
As great bliss and great happiness unfold
To grow like lusty flowers - July's ripe time.
Love! you are leading me away from cold.
Lady! you lead me to more moonlit nights
Where on your balcony we can be bold
Like last July, loving lovers' delights.
How could I decline winter made summer,
To lie in the sun and let our love simmer?


Underneath this golden elm each June day
On fallen leaves of yellow, white and green
While odours demanding boyhood dreams play
And around me ducks fly and splash and preen
What should I do but think of you my love?
Drink deeply your summer heat as mine fades
Wishing to inhale again while you move
Within my sight, a beauty my heart raids,
Then underneath this golden elm wide spread,
On fallen leaves of yellow, white and green
I can drink away the on coming dread
Of winter without you and love unseen.
I touch the golden green leaves of your eyes,
Blow them from my fingers - my body sighs.


Once and no more says circumstance to me
When I left her embrace and kisses behind
And she gained my heart in the ecstasy.
Distance is cruel and to my sons I'm kind;
Daughter and sons she has too, to anchor,
So once and no more says circumstance to us
With hearts made over in trust to future?
She would kiss me again with this our focus
If ever we let circumstance be ruled
By love just one more time before time fades
Our first embrace and love's kisses are fooled.
So once more and no more says love's charades?
No! once more we cry at every cruel kiss
And circumstance we over rule in bliss!


Come, my love, let's consume all love's pleasures;
Glorious titles of priviledge let's assume;
Love according to our state and treasures
With contentment rightfully our throne room.
Oh Poet Princess rain down your warm showers
In which your courtiers and I take delight;
You spell out to all people that true love towers
Above mundane things, like the moon at night;
Tell all lovers they're royal as we are,
Come, my love, let's consume all love's pleasures,
With glorious titles of priviledge let's star,
Love according to our state and treasures,
Contentment rightfully comes with true love;
Lovers are wearers of crowns from above.


In the passages of my mind I roam,
Today retracing steps my heart to help
And into a room unlocked by a poem
I peered, made much welcomed my pleased heart felt
By a smiling lady in candlelight
Sitting on the floor presenting flowers
Made golden by Arizona's sunlight;
The blue candles bade me tarry for hours
By flickering on her beauty so rare.
The room off the passages of my mind
I often visit to sit and talk there;
The blade of distance is dispelled I find.
I remember all moments of former days
My love and give to you admiring praise.


I thought how an angel's smile we both shared,
Of the promise, the beauty he will find
As my two boys celebrated how they've faired
And I felt the angel's smile light my mind.
I saw in gradual vision gladdening things
As he grew to sixteen as those with me
Around youth's table that of good things sings;
I saw them all as young angels as he
Not losing innocence but gaining,
Ready for love that we have together.
A spirit overwhelmed me, tears bringing;
The boys were silent and wondered whether
I had pain perhaps from something eaten -
With your loved silver voice I was smitten!


No, Time, there are things unchanged deep in me;
Black holes of life have little sway these days
For my heart is captured by poetry
From a far off land where the gold sun plays
With the words of the Desert Poetess,
So black holes are challenged, love is lavished.
Yes, Time, your change, a not too sweet caress
Cannot rival her claim on me, as wished,
As planned, for her poetry, a love song
Does not age, for the very stars join in;
Without light, Time, you are uselessly long,
Oh but with love's light you stand still and win!
Oh yes, Time, you can change almost all things,
Though never the reason my poet heart sings!


Celebrate that I'm born to smile broadly
By sipping wine in spirit with me now;
That I beam tell the world in poetry;
Explain the happy creases deep this hour.
Old frown lines as I write sweet lines to you
Convert to love lines knowing you will smile
As you look upon my verse for a clue
How love travels many miles upon mile.
Celebrate that I'm smiling so broadly;
Know that your love and my love travel well;
My spirit flushed with wine tells me
Your cheeks, your lips, like red roses of love tell
As does your poetry to the wide world;
Petalled pages - surely from heaven swirled.

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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