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Missing Her Dearly

1. The man downunder misses his Poetess tonight.

Oh when a song my sweet songbird sings
Upon the air which is the self same air
That we both breathe in for life and feelings,
Oh my heart envies Song's throat and ears' share.
And I am sad to miss even one note
When the wind blows west and not east of me
For heart, soul and mind want your tune, and vote
You are their song, sung oh so beautifully.
Oh when you my sweet songbird sing a song
I watch your chest rise and fall with love-swell
And wish I could fly in your sky, along
With you today and flaunt my singing skill.
Tonight you are hearing a poet who sings
As sweetly as you, but has stronger wings.


It is tough for two lovers not to embrace
Or kiss without bustle or smothered sigh
And lie thinking, side by side in love's space;
Tougher when apart as far as the sky.
It's tough for two lovers to be parted
When one cannot get to the internet,
Away getting her engine jump-started,
Her poetry set for her fastest sprint yet.
It's tough for two lovers to be lonely
Missing each other as though meeting's out,
But soon email will hum most recklessly
Opening doors of poetry, ridding doubt.
It's tough for two lovers to be twain,
Though like child birth ecstasy follows pain.


Sadder I grew the longer I missed you,
I became a tattered weed of small worth;
Let my house fall to decay, myself too;
I tried to rally but could raise no mirth.
Heard our music sadly, kept to myself,
As a tree barren of leaves, was forlorn.
Rallied strongly for I thought to my health,
To fortify myself 'gainst the deadly yawn.
As I was making war against my gall
You emailed me turning winter to summer;
I felt younger - tired no longer at all;
No longer grumpy, not even a murmur.
So sad I'd been, though knew you would return;
Glad there's Heaven or true-missing we'd learn!


Let me ride with you deriving pleasure
Like a child at the fair ground so love's face
Smiles broader than most men's, with good measure;
Your looks for me, our final stop your place.
Oh there is no boredom in your bright eyes,
Therefore I know my life will change with speed.
Envied in your power by men's watching sighs
We cruise growing young and on love's food feed.
It's sign posted that we can overtake,
No one can catch you, police wave you on
For your skill and beauty your passport make
As I ride with you, your love thriving upon.
It is such adventure riding with you;
You tease, you delight as life we drive through.


There is a rabbit in the moon tonight
More crouching than sitting, alone but pleased,
In the daisy field of the moon so bright;
Dogs howled at her in the moon displeased -
Let me be the rabbit that is her mate,
I'll long jump into the sweet rabbit's moon,
Protect her with my knowledge of dogs so great,
Then we can come down from the moon real soon.
You and I will grow wings to fly away,
Read the stars and find our way back to earth
Where we will burrow our home for keeps today
Making a life pure and true with great worth.
Once home no need to roam, though run and skip
And jump and hop we will, and back flip.


How can we be grieved at your and my lot?
Roses have thorns, some gifts need exchanging,
The full moon fades the stars, your desert's hot;
Time's passing yet we are still amazing!
All men have faults, I admit to some too;
Can it be I love you far too much?
I see not the thorns, give my world to you,
Make love by moonlight till you're too hot to touch!
Between my faults and love there's civil war;
I've found love ten thousand miles away
Though glad I didn't fall for the girl next door;
We'll never grieve at the war - love's won the day.
Love overpowers problems, we're not blinded,
Our oneness is not driven by the bed.


The poet with half a glance at the sky
At night saw no meaning some years ago;
Nothing divine in grass, stones could not cry -
Dead stones and no spirit in air was so
Until he saw the moon in his love's eyes
Golden green, giving grass immortality
And heard stones speak softly of love with sighs
And knew his love's spirit could cross the sea.
Now the poet studied the sky anew;
Saw there was meaning and knew it was good;
The key was love and when the heart was true
You could catch the moon as her green eyes could.
He saw his love with wiser eyes now;
No half glances and longed for her each hour.


Met a maiden on the net some time ago
While surfing, just doing the modern thing;
Fortune smiled at me and gave me a glow
That turned to fire and now I can't but sing.
We matched up on this and matched up on that,
As perfect as any a partnership;
I'm sad so many couples fail, in fact
Many miss out on near perfect love-ship.
I believe and I sincerely have hope
The maiden I've met gives me fire
That won't ever go out and we can cope
With our poetry fuelling our desire.
My love's spirit can cross the cruel sea,
So it's not just emailing that comforts me.


Come to me my sweet woman fair as fair,
'Tis long since you and I have met as one;
Remiss to forget or seem unaware
Of its glorious impact as a love potion.
Come sit by me and enjoy my summer
By this silver river in this far land;
Your loose hair to cover my lips' murmur
And your sweet voice to answer love's command.
Come gentle friend, come sit by me in the grass?
United in place, our bright eyes replying
To summer's romance - may the moment not pass -
Better than being apart with net loving!
Though let's never forget our first contact
Joining our two worlds - earth changing in fact.


Oh my Baby Doll if I were a Prince
I'd yield my priviledges, my dynasty,
My wealth, my clothes and I would not once wince
If I gained a glance from you lovingly.
Baby Doll if I could be The Creator of all,
Of earth, its oceans of water and air,
Of men, of angels, I would give all to call
For a sweet kiss from you, from one so fair.
But Baby Doll I'm a country bred boy
Who faces reality, who knows full well
What will be will be - though faith employ
And hope for a glance, a sweet kiss that's real.
Imagination now, reality later;
Both are me, both form the lover's charter.


When you touch me when we are close dancing,
I swear I'll tremble with pure ecstasy;
Silken thighs will sigh through silken sliding,
As your red dress my darling touches me.
Every touch will be new as we glide;
Music will take over as love takes over,
Everyone will know that you're on my side,
Though unaware how much I'm in clover!
Oh poetry struggles to capture touch,
Oh that touch on the dance floor my dear love;
We will feel its fire, its desire so much;
Such togetherness makes my heart and soul move.
Imagination now, reality later;
Both are me, both form the lover's charter.


While under the shade of a spreading tree
Listening to Nature pant in new summer,
Feeling more comfort than inside, more free;
'Oh you are my Golden Elm,' I murmur.
Darling small birds rest in your cool branches,
Still with beaks open in exhaustions grasp
But they wink at me - we feel care's embraces;
Always you are ready - a calling harp!
Your coolness calls, your leaves give me shelter,
Why even summer rains cannot drench me.
So long as I pace along life's river
You are near and soon you'll encompass me.
Imagination now, reality later;
Both are me, both form the lover's charter.

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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